Campaigner – Email Marketing

Campaigner – Email Marketing


Campaigner – Email Marketing

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Best Value In The Industry

Campaigner provides industry-leading, feature rich email marketing solutions for the professional email marketer, agency and Internet Retailer.

High Volume Pricing Plans

Campaigner’s Large Volume Sender pricing option is the best plan for Internet retailers, agencies, resellers, and corporate email marketers. Contact our professional client services team to learn more about Campaigner’s competitively priced, full-featured email marketing platform.


Send newsletters, design email campaigns, and keep in touch with your contacts and customers.

Increase Your Campaign Success

As a professional marketer, your focus needs to be on what you do best: creating effective, successful email marketing.

Contact Engagement Scoring

Accurately gauge the level of each subscriber’s interest to better segment lists and tailor content.

Campaigner Email Automation Workflows

Campaigner Workflows ensure better campaign ROI by sending more targeted and timely email marketing communications and customized form submissions.

Link Purchase Data to Create Personalized Email Campaigns

Send highly targeted email marketing campaigns based on customer actions and purchase history.

Send Email Campaigns That Represent Your Brand

Campaigner offers over 900 professionally designed email templates, or you may create custom campaigns with our Full Email Editor.

Quickly create custom templates to show off your brand in email marketing campaigns. Start with one of Campaigner’s 900 templates or upload your own code directly into our Full Email Editor for a unique template. Campaigner custom templates allow you to leverage your HTML experience to create the most customized emails with minimal time and effort.

Begin with over 900 templates and add as much customization as needed to style and brand an email campaign for your business. Need help? Send content details, images, words, etc. and have one of our design experts create a professional and eye-catching campaign.

Use conditional (or dynamic) content to personalize each email and target groups of recipients with email campaign content that is specific to their needs.

Dynamic personalization lets you send multiple, customized versions of an email campaign in the time it takes to create one email. Our user-friendly WYSIWYG editor and fully customizable email templates make it easy to add conditional content, including images, text, and other rich media.

Custom Template Benefits
  • Upload your own code by using our HTML uploader tool or paste your HTML code directly into our Full Email Editor
  • Start completely from scratch and build your own email template directly inside Campaigner
  • Create an email template that matches the look and feel of your website
  • Create plain text emails in just minutes. Plain text emails do not include any images or text formatting.
Using Custom Templates
  • Use a pre-designed and built email template from within Campaigner
  • Create your own email template and ensure that you are following best practices
  • Test campaigns using A/B split testing, dynamic content and RSS content feeds to determine the effectiveness of your templates versus our pre-made ones.
Dynamic Content Delivers Customers
  • Transform corporate newsletters from standard to stand-out with dynamic personalization
  • Automatically populate outgoing email campaigns with relevant information customized to your targets’ preferences, demographic profile and interests. Readers will benefit from tailored information while increasing campaign open and click-through rates.
  • Conditional personalization is behavior-driven customer profiling, giving you the flexibility to send a ‘last minute’ promo to your entire list, tailored to reflect each recipient’s previous activities or product interests. You’ll start a dialog with readers that’s dynamic, relevant and delivers results.

Campaigner – Email Marketing


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